Affiliate marketing allows anyone to make money by promoting other company’s or people’s products. When starting a new business online or a new website, affiliate marketing becomes an interesting monetization strategy since it allows you to start making some money without even developing your own product.

An affiliate easily monetizes his audience by promoting relevant products, and since the referral URL has a tracking ID, he will make money for each sale he generates.

Affiliate marketing is also attractive to publishers. Instead of paying for traffic or advertising, affiliate marketing allows publishers to pay by performance only, and simply share part of the profits with the affiliate that already generated the sale.

The problem for beginners is where to start and how to build an affiliate marketing business. There are some amazing resources like Affilorama.

Affilorama offers some terrific affiliate marketing strategies that have been working for them for years. In order to create a successful affiliate business, you need to start by finding a niche or industry you’re interested in and create solid content for it. You need to offer value to your visitors so that they visit your website and even consider the products you promote.

Quality beats quantity in affiliate marketing. So, if you start by creating a few solid blog posts a week, you’re already ahead of most competitors who either rely on cheap content or who simply try to sell products without offering any real value.

You’ll need to have a website where you publish your content, and for that, WP Profit Builder can become your favorite tool. WP Profit Builder allows you to create professional landing pages in WordPress easily. As an affiliate, you’ll need not only to create and publish good content but to create multiple landing pages where you try to get subscribers on your email list, for example.

You’ll need to keep testing and improving those landing pages to get the conversion rates you need, so a tool like WP Profit Builder saves time and money in that process.

One of the best ways to publish content and generate an audience is by creating a blog. A blog allows you to easily interact with your readers, and publish or update content easily. Not surprisingly, some of the best super affiliates use blogs as the backbone of their affiliate marketing business.

A famous super affiliate blogger is Rosalind Gardner. She’s been making a good living as a super affiliate since 1998. Super affiliates like Rosalind know the importance of providing good content and value and above all, they know how to create a bond with their readers. That bond or relationship is what allows affiliate marketers to make money even without creating their own product.

To create that kind of bond and a highly profitable affiliate business, you need to be authentic. You should only promote good products that you’re familiar with because otherwise, you won’t be able to build an audience for the long term. If you’re promoting good products, your readers will know they can trust your opinion and know the tools or products you promote will help them achieve their goals.

One of the best affiliate marketing strategies you can implement is to create an audience across multiple channels as soon as possible. Start your own website and build an email list. Email marketing is still one of the best marketing strategies for affiliates.

However, don’t stop there! Create social accounts for your website on Facebook and Twitter, and build an audience there. Connect with other marketers and try to close partnerships with them where you promote their products or services on your email list or social network pages, while they promote you back. This kind of JV deals is what allows small marketers to grow exponentially in the short term.

And never forget to offer value. There’s really no substitute for quality. If you want to become a professional blogger or a super affiliate, you need to create your community and be the leader that your readers know they can trust.